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3 Things Everyone With a 401(k) Needs to Know

by Gregory Litts on Aug 19, 2015


#1 - You Can Roll it Into an IRA

In the event that an employee separates from an employer, for any reason (including a layoff), there are several options the employee can consider in deciding what to do with a 401(k) account balance. Here at RJ Capital, we recommend rolling the balance into an IRA 99% of the time.

A rollover into an IRA will not trigger any taxes or penalties. The major advantages of an IRA include:

• Access to virtually limitless investment options - a typical 401(k) generally offers 10 to 30 investment options,

Interest Rates Will One Day (Maybe Soon) Head Higher

by Gregory Litts on Jun 17, 2015

Interests, Investments, Bond

The Fed is preparing to increase short rates from zero, as the improving economy and labor markets no longer warrant such extreme accommodation. However, many analysts believe the fed funds rate increases will be small in magnitude and at irregular intervals. The fed funds rate governs the shortest interest rates, but yields on longer maturity Treasuries are influenced by other factors, such as supply and demand, growth and inflation. Global forces may also keep the increase in longer-term rates in check, as foreign central banks battle deflationary trends with low policy rates.

Tax Deadline Approaching

by Gregory Litts on Mar 25, 2015

With tax reform proposals from the White House and the new Congress likely to spark debate, any potential tax code changes will face scrutiny. Today, tax-efficient planning strategies take on heightened importance. Several new tax provisions could create headaches for taxpayers preparing their 2014 returns.

Whether you self file your taxes or work with a CPA, we have provided a comprehensive, easy to read tax guide to help you this year. This guide focuses on investment strategies to assist in your decision making.

Family Planning Starts with a Checklist

by Gregory Litts on Feb 26, 2015

After he heard the news – after the celebration and cheer – Thomas Brown made a list. The doctor had just confirmed that his wife, Misty, was pregnant with their first child, and as an Investment Advisor with RJ Capital, Thomas knew the importance of planning to make sure his growing family had a secure financial future.

And that starts, he said, with making a list of the various decisions that have to be made and the plans that need to be set up.